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How Things Work

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How Things Work

Post by Casheylycme on Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:34 am

This is the official GFX Haven Shop. You can buy or sell stuff.

-Must have at least 10 posts to sell something
-You cannot buy something unless you have enough credits
-When you sell something you must give the user the download link or viewing link.

How To Purchase Something: You buy stuff with credits. You can see how many credits you have under your avatar. The Seller will be selling their item for a number of credits, all you have to do is say "I donate (insert amount of credits here) to (seller's username here)." Then when i transfer the credits i'll post saying that i did, then the seller can give you the item.

What You Can Sell:
-You may not sell pets.
-Resources (like psds, c4ds, brushes,ect.)
-Posting rights for Sigs and Avatars (it means a person can use the sigs or avatars, but must give you credit)
-Photoshop Tutorials (sell your tutorials)

How To Sell:
1. create a topic under the correct category and name it.
2. post what exactly your selling, the price, and picture or thumbnail (sigs or avatar) or outcome (for tutorials)
3. when i confirm that i have transferred the credits you will give the buyer a link to where to download it.

For avatars,sigs, and photoshop tutorials you can always host them to an image hosting website like or and give the buyer that link so they can view/save it on there computer.
4. send the buyer the download link via pm (private messages)

If You Have Any Questions Please Ask!


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