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Post by Casheylycme on Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:17 am

okay so to advertise it will cost you 50 points which is what you get by posting 5 posts. and btw thank our user ShadowSun for bringing you this little advertising forum. =D

-must have at least 5 posts to post here so you just don't advertise and leave.
-sorry but no graphic sites allowed! and i'm sure you know why.
-all sites must first be submitted here for approval then you may post in the category.
-must follow template
-if your rejected don't feel offended.
-you may only post on your topic once a day (to make sure people don't bump their topics as to get more views)
-you may only post in your topic if you have an important update (like new staff member or new layout)

Forum/Website Name :
Forum/Website Link :
Description of your forum/website :
Genre/type of your forum or website :

Forum/Website name : GFXrs Haven
Forum/Website Link :
Description of your forum/website : more on about graphics,tutorials etc.
Genre/Type of your forum/website : Graphics

The "Perfect" Presentation:
Are You A Graphic Artist? Do you want to improve your skills? Do you want to teach people? Or you just want to participate in contests? Maybe You just want to be surrounded by a friendly atmosphere? Well if any of those questions apply to you then GFXrs Haven is the right place for you!

Category: Graphics

Title: GFXrs Haven!

Forum Adress:

Language: English

Administrators/Owner: Casheylycme (me) and still looking for more!
Moderators: None as of now because we are new
GFX Team: None because we are new.

Main Theme: This forum was created to build a friendly community of graphic artists who will teach, learn, and help each other out. Also, graphic artists can take place in contests and increase there skills.

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Hope To See You There Soon!
Very Happy


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