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Rules For Staff/Applying

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Rules For Staff/Applying

Post by Casheylycme on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:42 pm

To Submit An Application please make a new topic in the "Apply For Staff" Forum.


  • Need at least 25 Posts to apply
  • Must be respectful to all members especially superiors


Applications must be submitted in this format:
Date Joined:
Applying For:
Total # of posts:
Reason for Applying:
Will You Abuse Your Power:
Addictional Comments:
Graphic Examples (4 or more and only for GFX Team Applications)

Activity of Staff:

If A Staff Member Becomes Inactive They Will Be Demoted
To A Regular Member, Thus They Will Have To
Apply Again (with no guarantee of being promoted).

Staff Shall Be Demoted If:
They do not visit at least once every two weeks
If they do not post at least once every three weeks

If you have a reason to be inactive (ex. a vacation)
Then please Private Message me (Casheylycme)
or make a topic in Farewells and Departing
(located in "Newbie Intros")
I am very understanding if a staff member
has a conflict affecting their activity
so just let me know.


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